centre of waste processing


The Centre of Waste Processing (CENSO) was established at the Technical University in Kosice in 2003 as a result of long – time research and know – how in the field of production, processing of metals and waste processing.
CENSO represents the research laboratory, which is assigned for investigation of possibilities of dressing, processing and application of waste as potential secondary raw materials using sophisticated methods and development. There are applied the latest methods of scientific development.

The effort of the Centre is to suggest and at the same time investigate the behaviour of the waste during its processing and to determine the know-how of the optimal treatment based on customer requirement. At the same time the Centre continuously deals with the basic research in the field of processing and utilization of wastes and offers the consulting in the field of waste disposal.

The activity of the Centre is focused mainly on both - industrial and municipal solid wastes and the components of scrap collecting as well.

The Centre participates in organization of international conferences:

Each waste is a valuable secondary raw material